About Us

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with a total solution for their technical needs.

History: MSEDP founded in 1973, has evolved into a one-stop business-to-business technical solutions group, specializing in Technical Consulting, hardware and software sales and internet development.

How We Do It:

MSEDP leverages the collective knowledge of our staff of programmers, technicians and business professionals to bring our clients solutions that meet their specific needs.

We understand that every business is unique. Our flexible solutions are designed to meet the precise needs of your business, to maximize efficiency, and productivity.

Our proactive approach to these solutions allows you to focus on the business of running your business. Isn't that what its all about??

Services & Products:
• AddOn Software
• Margins Plus Software
• Managed Network Services
• Web Development - Web Hosting & Web Design
• Internet Services
Hardware & Software Services
Maintenance & Technical Support Contract - Computer Repair