Remote Web Order Entry Package Features

Exclusively developed for our Margins Plus clients ...

Today's Sales Force requires information instantly and in real time. MSEDP's solution for the sales executive on the go is Web Order Entry.

Web Order Entry allows Sales Executives:
• To place orders at the customer's site
• Quick order
• Order Status
• Send order confirmation via fax/e-mail
• Customer history
• Billing inquiry
• Inventory status

With the convenience of a mobile wireless device the Sales Executive has an easy access to the office in real time.

• Real Time Information
• Convenience
• Increased efficiency and sales

Internet Access (756MBS minimum)
• Handheld Device or Laptop with a wireless modem

The wireless device is a convenient and reliable way to store and update information in Web Order Entry, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket PowerPoint and e-mail.

Screen brings up all items the customer has purchased in the last 90 days. It gives the sales person the ability to create an order in real-time, send personalized instructions for delivery and shipping and have a pick-ticket routed to main office so order can be fulfilled immediately. **Salesperson can also store quotes for future orders.

This screen enables a salesperson to remotely check an invoice number, invoice date and a running balance is displayed. Just enter an invoice number and hit Jump to. This invoiced can also be faxed in real-time.

The salesperson has the ability to view details of invoices. If the client needs to verify the purchase of a prior item and or quantity of items, salesperson can do this remotely.

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