Ancillary Services Package Features

Gives you the capability to export data from Margins Plus into any Microsoft compliant product, Excel, Word, or Access. ODBC - (Open Database Connectivity)

EDI Invoicing (Electronic Data Interchange)

Takes invoices from the Margins Plus system and converts them into standard EDI format for transmission to a remote server.

Fax & E-mail capabilities - Allows the user to fax or e-mail any standard Margins Plus report, invoice, quote, purchase order, statements etc. to a customers fax or e-mail address. Broadcast faxing - Our broadcast faxing is the perfect marketing tool for your business. Are you currently offering a new product or do you have news that you would like all your customers to know about immediately? With one click of a button you can create a document and send it out to everyone in your database.


Importing Functionality

Web Order Entry - MSEDP is proud to introduce Web Order Entry. Through the use of a small handheld device and wireless internet, MSEDP's Web Order Entry system will allow your salespeople the ability to place orders while on the road in REAL-TIME. This removes the need for redundant paperwork. Please review our web order entry section and sign on for an online demo.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Capabilities

You have the ability to receive your customer's orders through EDI.


Third Party pricing updates of Items cost and list

We can develop custom upload programs to pull in cost and list price information from any 3rd party provider.


Trade Service

Do you have a catalog of standard pricing? We can pull all that information and upload into Margins Plus from Trade Service.

Our Ancillary Services Include:
• Broadcast Faxing
• Trade Services
• Fax/E-mail Services
• Job Streaming
• Alien Laptop Ordering System

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